Youth Initiative Grant 2020


Due to the current pandemic the OFIFC – IYC are not able to host an in person gathering for the youth. In replacement for the gathering the OFIFC – IYC has developed the Youth Initiative Grant to provide Friendship Centres the opportunity to utilize funding that is specifically geared towards youth – based initiatives. The grant although broad based must be used to support or aid in the development of youth focused initiatives, events, activities and/or resources. Applications are due on November 6th, 2020 for approval from the OFIFC – IYC. The criteria to receive this grant is listed below; for more information on this opportunity please contact Frankie Antone, Youth Engagement Facilitator at

  1. Youth Council Development / Support / Resources
  2. Hosting Webinars
  3. Outdoor Activities/Events
  4. Creating outdoor spaces for youth
  5. Creating safe spaces for youth
  6. Educational Supports