Image of a wooden plank with a hand carved image of an Indigenous father, mother, and child

The Goal of the Indigenous Community Justice Program (ICJP) is to implement and maintain a culturally-based pre- and post-charge diversion program for Indigenous youth and adults who come into conflict with the law and to provide meaningful alternatives and where possible address the needs of victims.

The program model is premised on healing and wholistic approaches to justice that requires the establishment and maintenance of numerous community partnerships. The involvement of the Indigenous community at all stages of program development is an integral component for meeting the mandate of the program by ensuring it is reflective of the local community customs, values, and cultural practices.

The ICJP accepts Indigenous people who have been diverted from the mainstream criminal justice system. Diverted persons are required to accept responsibility for the matters for which they are before the court. The direct-service user and the victim (where possible) appear before a trained Community Council that holds a Healing Circle to identify and address the causes of the offence. The successfully completion the recommended Healing Plan/ ICJP is the withdrawal of charges.

This service can be found at the following Friendship Centres