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Health Outreach Workers combine traditional and mainstream programs and services to help improve Indigenous health outcomes and reduce family violence in Indigenous families. The program is designed to foster improvements in the health and well-being of Indigenous individuals, families, communities and Nations through:

  • Equitable access to primary health and healing services and programs, including prevention, treatment and support, that are culturally appropriate and culturally competent; 
  • Building on the strengths and enhancing the capacities of Indigenous communities;
  • Addressing immediate and long-term measures related to family violence issues through community designed and delivered programming; and,
  • Promoting equitable, violence-free relationships and healthy environments.

Each Health Outreach Worker has been situated in a community that is without an Indigenous Health Access Centre.  The HOW program focuses on providing access to healing and health-related services as well as promoting the reduction of family violence achieved through providing services for those that are most at risk, notably women and children.

This service can be found at the following Friendship Centres