Image of a youth walking through shelves in a library

The Children’s Mental Health Program offer services that assist children and families to address behavioral and mental health needs. These services consist of a wholistic approach that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the child and family. Wrap-around, as the word implies, provides services that build constructive, community-based relationships and support networks between children with emotional or behavioral difficulties and their families, teachers, and other caregivers. 

Wrap-around programs maintain that the family’s perspective should have the most prominent place in the design of mental health services for an individual child and that care decisions should be based on tapping into a child’s strengths.  All services are performed in the child’s school and/or the Friendship Centre. Families are active participants from the development of the action plan to the achievement of goals. We place value in identifying and building the client’s strength, and utilising these assets to facilitate change. Both clients and participants are invited to join in workshops, presentations, healing circles, talking circles, traditional based activities, and recreational activities that are offered by the program.

This service can be found at the following Friendship Centres