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Apatisiwin is a Swampy Cree word meaning “employment, training, and jobs”. The vision of the Apatisiwin Program is that Indigenous people gain education, experience, and skills to achieve and maintain meaningful employment.  Apatisiwin offers employment and training services and supports through 19 funded and non-funded program interventions. Interventions are defined as an action plan activity, within a specific timeframe, co-developed by a direct-service user and an Employment or Youth Employment Counsellor. Action plans are intended to assist direct-service users with their employment and training goals such as: securing employment or self-employment, returning to school, staying in school, becoming ready to enter the labour force, and improving their overall employability. Apatisiwin Employment and Youth Employment Counsellors work with community members to conduct trauma informed and strength-based assessments to help determine and administer appropriate interventions, monitor outcomes, and conduct follow up.  Apatisiwin also offers employment related workshops, presentations, establishes partnerships with local employers and also supports job development and community-based projects (based on local community needs and labour market trends). Apatisiwin provides enhanced supports for “in-school-youth” which includes early interventions (for those in grades K-12). Apatisiwin program and services are offered through culturally-relevant approaches.

2020-2021 Apatisiwin Annual Report
2021-2022 Apatisiwin Annual Report
2022-2023 Apatisiwin Annual Report

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