1.             Purpose

The Website Privacy and Application Policy was developed to ensure that the OFIFC protects the privacy, accuracy and reliability of any personal information users choose to provide or share through any OFIFC funded website.

2.             Scope

The Website and Application Privacy Policy applies to any individual visiting any OFIFC funded website or application.

3.             Definitions

3.1      Website is a publically accessible site through the Internet or “World Wide Web” that contains web pages of content comprised of text, images, audio and video;

3.2      Application which is referred to as an “app” is software application designed to run on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets;

3.3      Users are individuals who visit and interact with the website or app;

3.4      Personal Information is information that can be used to identify an individual;

3.5      Non-Personal Information is information that alone, cannot be used to identify users;

3.6      Internet Protocol (IP) Address is a number automatically assigned to users’ computers when they access the Internet;

3.7      “Cookies” are small text files that recognize repeat visitors, allow ongoing access and determine visiting patterns;

3.8      Internet Tags (GIF’s) are smaller than cookies and tell the website server information such as the IP address and browser type related to a user’s computer;

3.9      Hyperlinks (or links) include data that users can follow automatically.  The data includes web pages, documents, audio and video files.

4.             Responsibility

4.1 Directors, Managers and Technical Support must:

4.1.1   Ensure that the OFIFC Website Privacy and Application Policy is submitted to web or media developer to add on a new OFIFC website or application;

4.1.2     Ensure that the policy is reviewed after any legislative changes to privacy and/or the collection of personal information; and

4.1.3   Comply with the authorities should personal information be requested;

4.2     The Office Manager and Technical Support must:

4.2.1   Develop and/or update procedures, when necessary, in accordance with this policy.

5.             Policy

5.1      Introduction

5.1.1   The OFIFC is committed to protecting the privacy, accuracy and reliability of any personal information users choose to provide through this website.  T