Friendship Centres across Ontario have been working together to address shared community needs in housing, social services, childcare and more. The OFIFC works with key partners to support Friendship Centres in building relationships and partnerships at the local governance level.



This memorandum of understanding between the OFIFC and the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association formalises the two organisations’ commitment to partnering on mutual priorities in a spirit of reconciliation.


The OFIFC and the Northern Ontario Service Deliverers Association have worked collaboratively over the past decade on a number of initiatives that have created tangible opportunities in urban Indigenous communities across Northern Ontario. This memorandum of understanding establishes a foundation for long-term collaboration between the OFIFC and NOSDA.

NOMTS Submission to Final Report

This paper responds to the province’s draft Northern Ontario Multimodal Transportation Strategy (NOMTS). In putting forward key recommendations, the OFIFC lays the groundwork for actions that can be taken to support the transportation needs of urban Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario, while suggesting ways to improve the policy framework on which NOMTS’ implementation will be built.

Greater Golden Horseshoe Submission

In this submission, the OFIFC outlines opportunities for the province to address the transportation needs of Indigenous communities in cities and towns in the province’s Greater Golden Horseshoe area.

A New Vision on Student Transportation Response Paper

In response to a new vision for student transportation, the OFIFC recommends greater co-development of student transportation planning initiatives with Friendship Centres. Facilitating greater access to community-based learning opportunities for urban Indigenous children and youth is a key goal of strengthening collaboration between school boards and Friendship Centres.