Historical Background

The Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC) recognizes that in many Indigenous cultures, youth and young people had specific roles and responsibilities to fulfil within the community. In many traditional teaching’s youth are to be provided with a sense of belonging and an identity based on ‘everyday good living’. The dismantling of traditional Indigenous societies through colonization, Indian Residential Schools and child welfare practices resulted in the consistent erosion of traditional knowledge transfer to youth. Elders and grandparents had no young people to whom to transfer cultural knowledge and values due to the emerging generational gaps. Today, far too many Indigenous youth experience a detachment from their cultural identity while struggling with issues of intergenerational trauma and socio-economic marginalization. It has been our experience that these struggles often result in an unbalance of one’s wholistic well-being.

Youth Initiatives

Since the founding of the OFIFC in 1971, the organization has made supporting and providing Indigenous Youth with opportunities and programming as one of their main priorities. Youth programming and opportunities are forever growing and adjusting to the needs of the community. This is to ensure that the programs and initiatives are actively addressing the youth needs. The OFIFC will continue to support the growth and development of youth focused initiatives, programs and youth councils.

Throughout the year Youth are provided many opportunities through both the IYC and OFIFC, from research projects, youth policy development, and a wide range of conferences and workshops. The OFIFC strives to include Youth in strategic planning, program development and Urban Indigenous initiatives. Youth hold leadership positions and are vital to the functioning and development of the Friendship Centre Movement. The IYC and OFIFC collectively work together to provide Youth with the opportunity to be involved in local, provincial, and national Indigenous Youth initiatives.

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Resources available to Youth

The Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres youth Initiative has collected multiple resources to address the needs of urban Indigenous youth across the province.

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