N'Amerind Friendship Centre (London)

The N’Amerind Friendship Centre (NFC) is one of the “original six” Friendship Centres in Ontario, founded in 1965 and incorporated on April 20, 1967.  The N’Amerind Friendship Centre was also one of the founding members of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC) which was incorporated in 1971.

The centre’s founding directors are Irvin Chrisjohn, Stanley George French, Donald Lloyd Morris, Clifford Myles Playter, Arletta Silver, George Simons, Virginia Pearl Summers, Amelia Wehlau, and Lillian Wuttunee. It is through the support of the founding directors, volunteers and membership that N’Amerind Friendship Centre is recognised as London, Ontario’s first urban Native organisation.

The centre has been the founding organisation in providing support to London’s Aboriginal community and played a founding role in developing other Aboriginal organisations including Nokee Kwe, Native Housing Co-ops (2), Southern Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre and Atenlos.  Since its operation, the NFC has taken possession of their facilities and developed and implemented social, educational, and cultural and recreational services and programs.

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