The governance relationship between the OFIFC and member Friendship Centres is based on an evergreen agreement identifying the roles and responsibilities each party has to each other in the delivery of services, funding, support, reporting and advocacy.

 The OFIFC is governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from member Friendship Centres, two youth representatives (one from each of northern and southern Ontario), a president and two non-voting Elders. The Board guides the Federation responsibly, providing accountability and overall direction to the OFIFC.

 The OFIFC Board is supported by an Executive Committee that makes decisions between meetings on behalf of the Board, ensuring that the work of the OFIFC can move forward.

Executive Committee

Armand Jourdain Sr.

Elected by acclamation (July 2018) –2-year term

Faith Hale
1st Vice President

Faith Hale – Elected by acclamation (Nov 2019)

Jennifer Dockstader
2nd Vice President

Jennifer Dockstader – Elected by acclamation (Nov 2019)

Marie Meawasige

Marie Meawasige – Elected by acclamation (Nov 2019)

Al Day

Al Day – Elected by acclamation (July 2018) – 2-year term

Frankie Antone
Youth Executive

Elected by acclamation (July 2019) – 2-year term

Board of Directors


Al Day (Treasurer)

Andrea Chrisjohn

Armand Jourdain Sr. (President)

Marie Meawasige (Secretary)

Faith Hale (1st VP)

Audrey Davis

Charlene Baglien

Cathy Syrette
Delores McKay

Jennifer Dockstader (2nd VP)

Peter Campbell

Desmond O’Connor
Thalia Kechego (Youth)Nolan Heino (Youth)Martin Cheechoo (Youth)Frankie Antone (Youth Executive)