Self-sufficiency is one of the priorities of the OFIFC`s long range strategic plan. The organisation`s approach to community economic development is multi-faceted, and can be illustrated in the following infographic:

           graphic fix.jpeg

Local Capacity Development Broader Sector Participation
  • Partnership development in Friendship Centre communities
  • Working groups e.g. Ontario Social Economy Roundtable (OSER)
  • Other private and public sector partnerships
  • First People’s Fund. An internal fund predominantly built from fees associated with meeting room rentals, external consultation, training, and speaker appearances. The First People’s Fund helps support unfunded initiatives of the OFIFC and other Friendship Centres supports.
  • Kitigan is an ecommerce social enterprise that sells authentic, high quality, handmade Aboriginal art. Through its sales, Kitigan supports Aboriginal artisans, Friendship Centres, Aboriginal businesses and organizations to move toward self-sufficiency. See more at
  • Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training (ACCT). ACCT’s purpose is the strengthening of professional relationships between urban Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations and clients— a relationship built on the concept of trust, friendship, and mutual respect. See more at   

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