The governance relationship between the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC) and member Friendship Centres is based on an evergreen agreement identifying the role and responsibilities each party has to each other in the delivery of services, funding, support, reporting and advocacy.

The OFIFC is governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from member Friendship Centres, two youth representatives (north and south), a President and two non-voting Elders. The Board guides the organisation responsibly, providing accountability for and overall direction to the OFIFC. The OFIFC Board is support by an Executive Committee that has the ability to make decisions on behalf of the Board between meetings, ensuring that the work of the OFIFC can move forward.

OFIFC Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President  Armand Jourdain (2 year term) 
1st Vice-President  Francene (Frankie) Antone (1 year term) 
2nd Vice-President  Faith Hale (2 year term) 
Treasurer  Al Day (2 year term)
Secretary  Marie Meawasige (1 year term)
Youth  Stephanie (Jerri) Keeash (1 year term)

Board of Directors



Al Day

Cheryl Adams
Faith Hale

Vacant (Youth)  

Andrea Chrisjohn 
Sam Thomas

Jennifer Dockstader

Joe Shawana (Youth) 



Debbie Sault

Armand Jourdain

Jannis Wessel
Stephanie (Jerri) Keeash (Youth) 

Desmond O'Connor

Marie Meawasige

Cathy Syrette

Francene (Frankie) Antone (Youth)

OFIFC Indigenous Youth Council (OFIFC-IYC)

The OFIFC Indigenous Youth Council (OFIFC-IYC) is the voice of urban Indigenous youth for Ontario‚Äôs Friendship Centre communities. The OFIFC-IYC advocates for the needs of, and is accountable to urban Indigenous youth while ensuring there is appropriate youth representation within Friendship Centre communities and at the OFIFC Board of Directors table. The OFIFC-IYC recognizes the importance of mentorship, leadership and a wholistic approach that draws on the knowledge and wisdom of Elders and traditional people as they engage in various informational activities and initiatives each year with the support of local Friendship Centres and the OFIFC.

Core Support

Friendship Centres receive core support as members of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC) and the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC).  NAFC members have access to core funding through a program called the Aboriginal Friendship Centre Program (AFCP), where OFIFC provides administrative support to implement the program and oversee reporting requirements for all Ontario Friendship Centres.

For OFIFC member Friendship Centres, a variety of core supports and training are available, including:

  • Board Orientation
  • Board Role Clarification
  • Executive Director Orientation
  • Bylaw Review
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Monitor Visits
  • Core Support Visits
  • Management Reviews

The OFIFC provides annual training to the OFIFC Board of Directors, consisting of representatives from member Friendship Centres.  Further core supports and training are offered to Friendship Centres as requested or designed as a response to new legislation or external developments. Dependent on the need, OFIFC attempts to accommodate and address Friendship Centre core needs to develop the capacity of the organisation to best serve the community.

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