Kizhaay Anishnaabe Niin is an initiative created to provide an opportunity for communities to engage Indigenous men and youth in understanding violence against Indigenous women and support them in joining together to end the violence.  Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin is an Ojibway phrase that translates to “I Am a Kind Man”.

At a time when violence is invading whole communities “I Am a Kind Man” reminds us that violence has never been an acceptable part of Aboriginal culture.  Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin workers and facilitators embrace the Seven Grandfather Teachings (wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth) to work toward ending violence against Indigenous women.

There are 5 full-time Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin workers who work at Friendship Centres and Delivery Sites to provide one-on-one peer counselling and group activities to assist men who are committed to ending violence against Indigenous women in their personal lives and within their community.  There are more than 30 volunteer facilitators located throughout Ontario at both Indigenous and mainstream organizations who incorporate Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin activities into their work.

In 2013, the OFIFC launched the Healthy Indigenous Male curriculum as a part of Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin.  This 12to 24 week curriculum provides a framework to address the issues of family violence by identifying key historical points relating to changing attitudes about women and intimate relationships within Indigenous communities.

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