Kanawayhitowin is an Indigenous initiative that raises awareness of the signs of woman abuse in our communities so that people who are close to an at-risk woman or an abusive man can provide support.

Kanawayhitowin is a Cree word which in English translates to ‘Taking Care of Each Others’ Spirit’.  This Indigenous initiative has been adapted from the Neighbours, Friends and Family campaign in the Province of Ontario to reflect a traditional and cultural approach to community healing and wellness. This project is funded by the Ontario Women’s Directorate.

Kanawayhitowin consists of a variety of resources that are listed on our website at www.kanawayhitowin.ca. We also provide facilitator training to frontline workers to educate the community on the prevention of violence against women, including the warning signs of abuse and safety planning. The initiative also provides community-based funding to Kanawayhitowin Facilitators to support their delivery of Violence Prevention and Education workshops.

Everyone in the community has a role to play in helping to prevent woman abuse.  Our hope is that this initiative will contribute to the movement of change in every Indigenous community and will clear a path for a better future for all Indigenous people.

For a list of trained facilitators and to request training in your local community visit our website at www.kanawayhitowin.ca


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